ProspectMatch Lead System Update

James M.“I believe any producing insurance agent, when they follow the ProspectMatch System, will find they can produce as many “warm” prospects as they desire. Within 4 weeks of starting, I made enough money to pay all of my prospecting expenses for a year. The ProspectMatch lead system took me about six hours to learn (my advice is to put in the time if you really want to profit) from stem-to-stern and now takes me literally only minutes a day. Additionally, while I can cut off the supply of leads when I wish, the ProspectMatch system provides the consistent and regular prospecting that all insurance agents need. 

The booklets are useful as contact pieces when I pre-approach for referrals, and quite useful with my existing clients prior to our annual reviews. Over the time I have been in the insurance business, I’ve tried and paid for a lot of different prospecting systems. Most were disappointing, expensive and failed to deliver what they promised. No lead system will deliver 100 percent sales but what ProspectMatch does is provides a turn-key method to contact warm prospects on a very favorable basis where I have established creditability.

I have also found asking for and getting referrals has been easy because I have something of value to offer the prospect’s friends and they are not afraid of turning a “salesman” on them.The support and training has been much better than I anticipated. I had some difficulty setting up one of my booklets – you know – user troubles. I emailed and within 30 minutes they had me up and running and the support has been excellent. It’s nice to have this kind of backroom support available.”
—James M., Portland, OR

James is a realistic guy. He knows that no lead system delivers 100%
results. And he is also rare in that he invested 6 hours to totally learn the system, unlike many insurance agents who want results without the effort. In fact, any prospecting method you use that gets you 2 appointments with every 10 prospects is a good prospecting system. James also understands the value of the booklet to position himself as a financial professional–whether for use with the ProspectMatch lead system or for gaining terms: prospecting system
For a prospecting system that delivers results, call 866-452-8354

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One Response to ProspectMatch Lead System Update

  1. John Davidson says:

    I have been interested in using the Prospectmatch system for awhile.How easy is it to use.I have troubling grasping things somtimes.Please email me back as soon as possible prospectmatch,Thanks John

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